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Welcome to Private Tours Ireland


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Private Tours Ireland, a division of MV Luxury Travel Ltd established in 2019, is recognized as one of Ireland’s leading luxury travel firms. We are expanding our dynamic team, which currently includes over 12 dedicated professionals. Known as ‘Ireland’s Go-To local luxury experts,’ we seek passionate, ambitious individuals eager to contribute to creating unforgettable travel experiences for our clients.

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Embrace Your Wanderlust with Us At Private Tours Ireland, travel is not just a business; it’s our lifeblood. We believe that travel forges some of life’s most valued memories. Our zeal for exploration drives us to provide superior customer service and impeccable experiences for our clientele. We invite you to pursue your passion for travel with Private Tours Ireland.

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Exceptional Benefits and Unforgettable Travel Opportunities. Private Tours Ireland (part of MV Luxury Travel Ltd), offers a comprehensive benefits package and unique travel opportunities to our employees. Our team members enjoy travel discounts courtesy of our exclusive contracted rates. Our staff also enjoy experiences such as visits to luxury hotels, restaurants, and attractions, ensuring everyone experiences the luxury we sell. Annually, we also arrange a staff mini tour for three days to key locations we sell, deepening our collective expertise.

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