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Arrival & Departure Location: Dublin International Airport


  • Merrion Hotel, Dublin (2 Nights)
  • Mount Juliet, Kilkenny (1 Night)
  • Hayfield Manor, Cork (1 Night)
  • The Europe Hotel, Killarney (2 Nights)
  • Dromoland Castle, Newmarket on Fergus (1 Night)
  • Glenlo Abbey, Galway (1 Night)
  • Merrion Hotel, Dublin (1 Night)

Points of Interest

  • Arrive in Dublin
  • Half day walking tour of Dublin, Tour of Guinness Storehouse
  • Powerscourt House & Gardens, Glendalough, Visit the charming town of Kilkenny, Kilkenny Castle
  • Private tour at Waterford Crystal Factory, The Titanic Trail: 1 Hour Guided Walking Tour of Cobh, Visit the historic town of Cork
  • Explore Killarney National Park, Muckross House, Killarney Jaunting Cars
  • The Slea Head Drive, Inch Beach, Dingle, Cé Dhún Chaoin (Dunquin Pier), The Great Blasket Centre, Ballyferriter Village, Gallarus Oratory
  • Bunratty Castle, Falconry At Dromoland Castle, Afternoon Tea at Dromoland Castle
  • Cliffs of Moher, Cliffs of Moher Ferry, Explore Burren National Park, Arrive in Galway
  • Private 3 hour walking tour of Galway, Kilbeggan Distillery Tour, Arrive back in Dublin


  • Personalised itinerary
  • Executive vehicle (Mercedes V-Class or similar) & knowledgable chauffeur driver for route according to itinerary
  • Services of private local guides in activities according to itinerary
  • Admissions to all sites according to itinerary
  • Accommodation according to itinerary
  • Breakfast at all Hotels Included
  • Co-ordination and support / Dedicated Travel Co-ordinator

Day 1 Arrive in Dublin

Accommodation – Merrion Hotel, Dublin (2 Nights)
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

Arrival and Indulgence in Dublin’s Elegance

You will be met at Dublin airport by your private driver and your Irish adventure will begin.

The Merrion Hotel: Your Dublin Sanctuary
Georgian Grandeur Meets Contemporary Luxury
Upon arrival, the Merrion Hotel greets you with its stately Georgian architecture and promises an unparalleled stay. Each room and suite within this restored townhouse is a work of art, offering a plush retreat with views of the hotel’s classical gardens or the vibrant Dublin streets. The hotel’s art collection, spa facilities, and indoor pool provide a sense of escape in the heart of the city.

The Cellar Bar: A Toast to the First Night
Intimacy Within Historic Vaults
The Cellar Bar, nestled in the 18th-century wine vaults of the Merrion Hotel, offers a warm embrace with its low-lit ambiance and rich wooden furnishings. The bar presents an extensive selection of fine wines, local craft beers, and artisanal cocktails. The menu features Irish gastropub favourites with a gourmet twist, perfect for your first taste of Dublin.

Day 2Half day walking tour of Dublin, Tour of Guinness Storehouse

Accommodation – Merrion Hotel, Dublin

Discovering Dublin’s Charms

Dublin’s Walking Tour: The Pulse of the City
Stories Etched in Stone and Spirit
After enjoying a gourmet breakfast at the Merrion, your journey through Dublin’s cobblestone streets begins. From the hallowed halls of St. Patrick’s Cathedral to the historical enclave of Trinity College, where the Book of Kells resides, each step unveils Dublin’s layered history. Temple Bar’s vibrant atmosphere offers a contemporary contrast, with its array of galleries, theatres, and cafes.

The Guinness Storehouse: A Tale of Stout and Storytelling
Brewing Legacy in the Heart of Dublin
The Guinness Storehouse, an icon of Irish heritage, invites you to discover the storied history of Guinness through interactive exhibits. Learn about the brewing process, the brand’s storied advertising, and finish with a visit to the Gravity Bar. Here, Dublin unfolds beneath you as you savour a pint of the black stuff, the cityscape providing a panoramic backdrop.

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud: Culinary Excellence
Michelin Stars and Irish Charm
As evening sets, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, a bastion of fine dining in Dublin, awaits. This two-Michelin-starred restaurant offers a menu that sings of modern Irish cuisine with subtle French influences. Expect to be delighted by dishes that are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the palate, in an atmosphere that is both elegant and welcoming.

Day 3Powerscourt House & Gardens, Glendalough, Visit the charming town of Kilkenny, Kilkenny Castle

Accommodation – Mount Juliet, Kilkenny (1 Night)
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

The Elegance of the Countryside

Powerscourt House & Gardens: A Noble Escape
Garden Splendor and Historic Elegance
Your exploration continues at Powerscourt House & Gardens, where opulent interiors and captivating gardens speak of Ireland’s aristocratic history. The estate, set against the backdrop of the Wicklow Mountains, offers a glimpse into the luxury of the Irish nobility, with meticulously restored rooms and a garden that has been voted one of the world’s greatest.

Glendalough National Park: Spiritual Beauty in Nature
Tranquility Amongst Ancient Ruins and Lakes
In the heart of the Wicklow Mountains lies Glendalough, a monastic site nestled in a glacial valley. Explore the round tower, stone churches, and Celtic crosses, all set against the tranquil backdrop of the park’s two serene lakes. This spiritual site offers not just historical insight but also trails for reflective walks and photography.

Kilkenny’s Medieval Majesty
Crafts, Castles, and Cobblestones
The vibrant town of Kilkenny, known for its rich arts and crafts culture, awaits. Walk the medieval streets to Kilkenny Castle, a Norman fortification that has stood watch over the town for centuries. The castle’s art gallery, ornate rooms, and rose gardens offer a journey through the epochs of Irish history.

Mount Juliet Estate Hotel: Country House Refined
A Retreat into Refined Country Living
As the day winds down, retreat to the tranquillity of Mount Juliet Estate Hotel. This Georgian manor, nestled in a verdant estate with its own golf course and river, exemplifies the elegance of Irish country living. The hotel’s luxurious rooms, each uniquely designed, offer views over pastoral landscapes or manicured gardens.

Lady Helen Restaurant: A Michelin-Starred Experience
Locally Sourced, World-Class Cuisine
End your day at the Lady Helen Restaurant, where the estate’s own produce and the finest local ingredients are transformed into Michelin-starred dishes. Enjoy the elegant dining room with sweeping views over the River Nore, where each course is a celebration of the season’s bounty and the region’s culinary artistry.

Day 4Private tour at Waterford Crystal Factory, The Titanic Trail: 1 Hour Guided Walking Tour of Cobh, Visit the historic town of Cork

Accommodation – Hayfield Manor, Cork (1 Night)
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

Waterford Crystal and Cobh’s Titanic Legacy

Mount Juliet Hotel: A Morning Start
Idyllic Serenity at Dawn
Your day begins in the blissful serenity of Mount Juliet Hotel. Here, the morning dew glistens like diamonds upon the sprawling estate as you savour a breakfast crafted from the freshest local produce. The hotel, known for its impeccable service and luxurious amenities, provides the perfect setting to energize you for the day ahead.

Waterford Crystal Factory: The Art of Glassmaking
Precision and Artistry in Crystal
At the Waterford Crystal Factory, you are not just a visitor; you are an observer of art in the making. The private tour reveals the intricate process of glass blowing, cutting, and sculpting. Witness first-hand the master craftsmen, whose steady hands transform fiery molten glass into sparkling crystal masterpieces.

Cobh: Echoes of the Titanic
Maritime Memories in Cobh
In Cobh, once the final port of call for the RMS Titanic, you’ll embark on the Titanic Trail walking tour. This poignant journey takes you through time as you traverse the same streets that Titanic’s passengers once did. The charming town, with its historic architecture and oceanic backdrop, serves as a living memorial to those aboard the ill-fated voyage.

Cork and The English Market: A Cultural Feast
Culinary Richness in Cork’s Heart
Cork presents itself as a tapestry of Irish culture, and the English Market is a cornucopia of local produce and artisanal delights. Here, vendors offer everything from traditional Irish cheeses to the catch of the day, allowing you to sample the culinary heart of the region.

Hayfield Manor: An Evening in Splendor
Refined Elegance at Day’s End
As the day wanes, you will find solace in the grandeur of Hayfield Manor. This 5-star hotel is a sanctuary where luxury meets tranquillity. The manor, with its sumptuous rooms and attentive service, offers a restful haven to rejuvenate.

Perrotts Garden Bistro Restaurant: Gastronomic Harmon
Dining Amidst the Gardens
The Perrotts Garden Bistro Restaurant within Hayfield Manor offers an intimate dining experience. Each dish, a blend of traditional Irish ingredients and contemporary culinary techniques, is a testament to Ireland’s rich gastronomic landscape.

Day 5Explore Killarney National Park, Muckross House, Killarney Jaunting Cars

Accommodation – The Europe Hotel, Killarney (2 Nights)
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

The Majesty of Killarney

Killarney National Park: Nature’s Canvas
The Emerald Splendour of Killarney
At dawn, you’ll journey to Killarney National Park. Here, the beauty of Ireland unfolds in panoramic vistas of cascading waterfalls, ancient woodlands, and the majestic MacGillycuddy’s Reeks. Each photo stop captures the essence of this natural masterpiece, a celebration of the country’s untouched splendour.

Muckross House: A Victorian Gem
19th-Century Grandeur Amidst Nature
Muckross House emerges as a symbol of Victorian elegance. The mansion, set against the stunning backdrop of Killarney National Park, provides an insightful glimpse into the lifestyle of the 19th-century Irish nobility. The ornate interiors and vibrant gardens are a visual feast, echoing the splendour of an era past.

Jaunting Car Experience: A Ride Through History
Charming Insights on Horse-Drawn Wheels Experience

Killarney in a traditional jaunting car, where the rhythmic clip-clop of hooves complements the charioteer’s rich tales. This unique mode of transport offers a novel perspective of the park’s enchanting landscape.

The Europe Hotel: Panoramic Elegance
Restful Luxury with a View
The Europe Hotel awaits as dusk falls, offering a sanctuary with breath-taking views over the Lakes of Killarney. The hotel’s blend of comfort and elegance ensures a restorative end to an eventful day.

Panorama Restaurant: A Culinary Vista
Flavours with a View
The Panorama Restaurant at the Europe Hotel invites you to dine with a view. The menu, infused with Irish flavours and the freshest local ingredients, is complemented by the scenic beauty of Killarney, visible through the expansive restaurant windows.

Day 6The Slea Head Drive, Inch Beach, Dingle, Cé Dhún Chaoin (Dunquin Pier), The Great Blasket Centre, Ballyferriter Village, Gallarus Oratory

Accommodation – The Europe Hotel, Killarney
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

The Wild Atlantic Way

Slea Head Drive: Coastal Wonders
The Rugged Tapestry of the Atlantic
Your exploration continues along the Slea Head drive, where each turn reveals breath-taking views of coastal cliffs and rolling hills. The route, known for its raw beauty, takes you to the edge of the island, where the land meets the untamed Atlantic.

Inch Beach: Sands of Time
The Atlantic’s Artistry at Inch Beach
At Inch Beach, the Atlantic Ocean carves patterns into the sands, creating a dynamic and picturesque seascape. The beach is a place of peace and power, its beauty a product of the relentless sea.

Dingle Town and Bay: Maritime Heritage
Seafaring Spirit in Dingle
Dingle town and bay are rich with maritime history. The town, with its bustling harbour and historic charm, offers insights into the lives of those who have lived and worked by the sea.

Dunquin Pier: A Photographer’s Dream
Dramatic Beauty at Dunquin Pier
The journey leads you to Dunquin Pier, where the landscape serves as a dramatic canvas for photographers. The pier, jutting into the ocean, provides a stark and beautiful contrast to the powerful waves below.

The Great Blasket Centre: Island Echoes
Whispers of Island Life
At The Great Blasket Centre, discover the history and culture of the Blasket Islands. The centre tells the stories of island life, preserved through time, echoing the resilience and community spirit of the islanders.

Ballyferriter Village: Tradition Lives On
The Heartbeat of Gaelic Culture
In Ballyferriter Village, the Irish language and traditions thrive. The village is a celebration of Gaelic culture, with its lively pubs and artisan shops offering a warm welcome.

Gallarus Oratory: A Spiritual Heritage
An Ancient Faith Preserved
Visit Gallarus Oratory, where early Christian architecture stands as a testament to Ireland’s longstanding spiritual heritage. The oratory’s simple yet enduring structure is a symbol of faith’s permanence.

Bricín Restaurant and Boxty House: A Culinary Finale
The Warmth of Irish Hospitality
Conclude your day at Bricín Restaurant and Boxty House in Killarney. Here, traditional boxty pancakes are given a contemporary twist, creating a memorable dining experience that captures the heart of Irish culinary tradition.

The Europe Hotel: A Night of Dreams
Luxurious Repose Under Starlit Skies
Return to the comforting embrace of the Europe Hotel. As you settle into the plush comfort of your room, the day’s memories mingle with the tranquillity of the night, promising rest and dreams filled with Ireland’s enduring charm.

Day 7Bunratty Castle, Falconry At Dromoland Castle, Afternoon Tea at Dromoland Castle

Accommodation – Dromoland Castle, Newmarket on Fergus (1 Night)
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

Castles and Falconry

Breakfast at the Europe Hotel
Start your day in the serene breakfast room of the Europe Hotel, savouring a gourmet Irish breakfast while taking in the tranquillity of Killarney’s lakes.

Bunratty Castle: A Portal to the Past
The Echoes of Medieval Grandeur
Venture to Bunratty Castle, where history resonates through its robust stone walls. The castle, built in the 15th century, stands as a majestic monument of Norman architecture. During your visit, you’ll explore the opulent Great Hall, the private chambers, and the medieval artifacts that capture the essence of noble life centuries ago.

Dromoland Castle: Royal Indulgence
Quintessence of Heritage and Luxury
Arriving at Dromoland Castle, you’re transported to an era of regal splendour. This castle hotel, with its ornate furnishings and manicured grounds, blends historical elegance with contemporary luxury. The staterooms and common areas are adorned with period antiques, providing a living history lesson of Irish aristocracy.

Falconry Experience
The Majesty of Flight
Engage in the ancient art of falconry on the castle’s grounds. Under the guidance of expert falconers, you’ll have the unique opportunity to handle and fly a variety of birds of prey, learning about their significance in Celtic culture.

Afternoon Tea at Dromoland Castle
Elegance and Exquisite Delights
Afternoon tea at Dromoland Castle is an elegant affair set in the lavish drawing-room overlooking the lake. Served on fine china, you’ll enjoy a selection of scones, sandwiches, and pastries, accompanied by a wide range of teas and infusions.

Dinner at The Earl Of Thomond Restaurant
A Culinary Crown Jewel
The Earl Of Thomond Restaurant offers a dining experience that combines classic elegance with gourmet innovation. Expect dishes crafted from the finest local ingredients, served in an opulent setting with impeccable service.

Day 8Cliffs of Moher, Cliffs of Moher Ferry, Explore Burren National Park, Arrive in Galway

Accommodation – Glenlo Abbey, Galway (1 Night)
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

Cliffs, Ferries, and The Burren

Cliffs of Moher: Nature’s Sculpture
The Wild Atlantic’s Masterpiece
The Cliffs of Moher stand as a natural fortress against the might of the Atlantic. Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of these cliffs, soaring over 700 feet above the churning ocean. The Visitor Centre offers interactive exhibits that enhance the experience, explaining the cliffs’ geology and the diverse wildlife that inhabits this unique ecosystem.

Cliffs of Moher Ferry
A Sea-Level Spectacle
Take to the waters on the Cliffs of Moher Ferry from Doolin, offering a seafarer’s view of the cliffs. The unique perspective from below highlights the sheer magnitude of the cliffs and provides an excellent opportunity for birdwatching and photography.

Burren National Park: Karst Wonders
A Lunar Landscape on Earth
Explore the Burren National Park, a remarkable karst landscape. Wander through its limestone pavements, discover its rare alpine flora, and stumble upon ancient megalithic tombs. The park’s interpretive center will provide insights into the formation of this unique terrain and its ecological importance.

Arrival in Galway: The Cultural Heart
The Bohemian Capital of Ireland
Galway, known as the City of Tribes, is famous for its vibrant arts scene and historical significance. Roam through its bustling streets, packed with colorful shops, lively pubs, and street performers, all contributing to the city’s dynamic atmosphere.

Glenlo Abbey Hotel: Opulent Tranquility
An Estate of Unmatched Refinement
Your stay in Galway will be at the Glenlo Abbey Hotel, a five-star establishment that exudes luxury and tranquility. With its championship golf course, the hotel provides a serene escape with rooms offering views of the rolling estate and Lough Corrib.

Dinner at the Pullman Restaurant
Historic Rails and Gastronomic Trails
The Pullman Restaurant, housed in two original Pullman train carriages, offers a unique dining experience. The carriages, beautifully restored, provide a nostalgic setting while serving contemporary Irish cuisine. The menu features locally sourced produce, seafood, and meats, all crafted into exquisite dishes by the expert culinary team.

Day 9Private 3 hour walking tour of Galway, Kilbeggan Distillery Tour, Arrive back in Dublin

Accommodation – The Merrion, Dublin (1 Night)
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

Galway’s Charm and Whiskey Heritage

Private Walking Tour of Galway
The Essence of a City’s Soul
Embark on a three-hour private walking tour of Galway, delving into its rich history and culture. Visit the iconic Quay Street, the vibrant Latin quarter, the majestic Galway Cathedral, and the picturesque harbour. Each step on the cobblestone streets will reveal a new layer of Galway’s storied past and lively present.

Kilbeggan Distillery Tour
Whiskey Crafting and Tasting
Travel to the Kilbeggan Distillery for a guided tour of one of the oldest licensed distilleries in the world. Discover the craft of Irish whiskey-making, from mashing and fermentation to aging in oak barrels. Conclude your visit with a tasting session, savouring the smooth and complex flavours of their finest whiskeys.

Return to Dublin: Merrion Hotel
A Home of Heritage
Return to the capital for a restful evening at the Merrion Hotel, where Georgian elegance meets modern luxury. The hotel’s rooms and suites offer plush accommodations, ensuring a restorative night’s sleep.

Dining at The Garden Room
Enchanting Flavours in a Secret Garden
The Garden Room at the Merrion offers a bright and airy dining experience with views of the hotel’s private gardens. Enjoy a menu that celebrates the best of Irish produce, with each dish presented as a work of art and paired with an extensive selection of wines.

Day 10Departure

Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur.

Farewell to Dublin

Departure. Lasting Moments and Lifelong Memories. After a leisurely breakfast, your private driver will escort you to the airport for your departure. As you reflect on the memories of castles, cliffs, and culture, you’ll leave with a piece of Ireland in your heart, promising to return to its welcoming shores.
Each element of your itinerary is crafted to offer the most enriching and luxurious experience, ensuring that your journey through Ireland is not just a trip, but a grand narrative that unfolds with each day’s new adventures.