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Welcome to Private Tours Ireland

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Ireland, with its lush landscapes and dramatic coastlines, stands as one of the most sought-after destinations for golf enthusiasts around the world. The country's rich tapestry of golf courses – from world-famous links to hidden inland gems – makes it a veritable paradise for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a golf experience that is as challenging as it is scenic.

The magic of a Private Golf Tour in Ireland is not just in the play; it's in the backdrop of rolling emerald hills, the whisper of the Atlantic breeze, and the verdant fairways that seem to stretch into eternity. Each course tells a story, with designs that honour the natural contours of the land, promising a game that is as true to the sport's origins as it is to Ireland's natural beauty.
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    Luxury Golf Tours Of Ireland

    Private Tours Ireland understands the allure of the Irish greens. We specialise in crafting bespoke golf itineraries that transcend the typical tour. Imagine waking up to a view of the ocean, with a day ahead that includes playing rounds at legendary courses such as Ballybunion, Royal County Down, or Portmarnock. Your itinerary will be tailored to match your skill level and desires, ensuring that each day on the course is as rewarding as the last.

    Beyond the green, we infuse your tour with the essence of Ireland. Your Ireland golf trip can be complemented with other quintessentially Irish experiences, such as whisky tastings at some of the country’s most renowned distilleries. It’s an opportunity to savour the flavours of Irish single malts and blends, each with a character as distinct as the courses you’ll play.

    Transportation is a seamless part of your tour, with luxury private vehicles that ensure you arrive at each course refreshed and ready to tee off. Accommodations are handpicked, from cozy bed and breakfasts to opulent hotels, each providing the comfort and Irish hospitality that will make your stay as memorable as your time on the course.

    With Private Tours Ireland, every aspect of your golf tour is meticulously planned, from tee times to post-round dining. We ensure that your Irish golf adventure is not just a series of games, but a holistic luxury experience that captures the passion of golf and the spirit of Ireland.

    Browse Our Ireland Golf Tours

    Delve into our curated selection of luxury Irish golf tours, each crafted for exclusivity and fully customisable to suit your every whim, with a personal tour designer dedicated to perfecting your ultimate golfing itinerary.

    Ireland’s Best Golfing Regions


    The North & North-East of Ireland is a golfing sanctuary where the game’s history and the region’s natural beauty converge spectacularly. This area boasts courses like Port Stewart, where the dunes form a dramatic backdrop, Royal County Down, which consistently ranks as one of the top courses in the world with its challenging links and stunning views of the Mourne Mountains, and Royal Portrush, a masterpiece that has tested the mettle of the finest players in the sport during the prestigious Open Championship. Golfers here are treated to a blend of traditional links and modern layouts, where every round is played amidst the captivating scenery of rugged coastlines and historic landscapes.


    In South-East Ireland and Dublin, golf is not just a sport; it’s an experience woven into the fabric of the region. Here, you’ll find the Royal Dublin Golf Club, which is steeped in history and known for its classic links course that demands a strategic game. Nearby, Portmarnock offers a pure test of golf, with a course that has hosted numerous Irish Opens and offers views of the Irish Sea. The K Club, situated in the lush countryside of Kildare, is renowned for its Ryder Cup legacy and sumptuous parkland courses. Golfers in this region enjoy a mix of historical significance and modern luxury, with courses that are as much a joy to play as they are a challenge.


    The West and North-West of Ireland are where golf feels like an undiscovered journey, with hidden gems that offer some of the most exhilarating golf in the world. Carne Golf Links is set in unspoiled sand dunes and presents a pure golfing challenge. Rosapenna, with its sandy beaches and panoramic views, encapsulates the rugged charm of the region. Enniscrone is another jewel, offering one of Ireland’s finest links experiences with towering dunes and undulating fairways. This region is for those seeking the road less traveled, where the golf courses are as wild and free as the Atlantic winds.


    South-West Ireland is a haven for purists of the game, often hailed as the premier golf region in the country. It’s home to Waterville, a course that merges history with a modern design that challenges and charms in equal measure. Ballybunion is another storied course, revered for its massive dunes and the Atlantic’s mesmerizing roar as a soundtrack to each swing. Tralee, designed by Arnold Palmer, provides a stern test amidst spectacular scenery. The region’s reputation for world-class golf is well-earned, with each course offering a distinctive challenge set against some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ireland.

    What’s Included In Your Private Golf Vacation Of Ireland?

    Private Driver

    Travel in unsurpassed comfort with our Private Chauffeur service, featuring an executive vehicle that sets the standard for luxury travel. From the moment you arrive, be enveloped in the exclusivity of a high-end, spacious vehicle, poised to transport you in elegance to each prestigious golf course. Your expert chauffeur, attuned to the nuances of the discerning golfer, ensures timely arrivals for tee times and smooth transitions between scenic routes, allowing you to focus solely on the pleasure of the game and the beauty of Ireland.

    Golf Tee Times

    Securing Golf Tee Times is an integral part of your Private Golf Tour, and we handle it with impeccable attention to detail. We ensure that your schedule includes the best times to enjoy the course at its finest, with optimal playing conditions and minimal disruption. With access to the most exclusive and sought-after courses, we arrange your tee times to flow seamlessly within your bespoke itinerary, providing the perfect rhythm to each day of your golfing journey in Ireland.

    Luxury Hotels & Restaurant Reservations

    At the heart of your tour lies the promise of luxury accommodation. We handpick the finest hotels, celebrated for their Irish charm and exceptional service, ensuring your stay is as memorable as your time on the course. Coupled with our concierge-level restaurant reservations, each evening is an opportunity to indulge in the culinary delights of Ireland’s best chefs, with settings ranging from historic castles to contemporary dining rooms, all chosen to reflect the prestige of your private golf tour.

    Caddie & Club Hire (if requested)

    To complement your golfing experience, we offer the convenience of Caddie and Club Hire services upon request. A caddie not only carries your clubs but also provides local course knowledge and support, enhancing your game. For those who prefer not to travel with their own equipment, we arrange for the hire of top-tier clubs, ensuring you play with the best gear suited to the unique challenges of Irish links and parkland courses.

    Sightseeing & Other Excursions

    Beyond the fairways, your Private Golf Tour is enriched with sightseeing and other excursions, immersing you in Ireland’s culture and natural splendor. We curate a selection of tours to iconic landmarks, hidden historical sites, and natural wonders, each led by knowledgeable guides. Whether it’s a coastal drive along the Wild Atlantic Way, a visit to ancient castles, or a cultural evening in a bustling Irish city, these excursions provide a balanced adventure, complementing the golfing experience with the country’s rich heritage and breath-taking landscapes.

    Our Golf Tour Booking Process

    Tour Information Collection

    Embarking on a Private Golf Tour of Ireland with us is an experience in meticulous planning and personalized service from the first contact to the last putt. Your journey begins with an initial inquiry, where a dedicated member of our travel planning team will connect with you to gather all essential details. This includes your preferred tour dates, the duration of your stay, and your target golf courses, down to the finer aspects that will make your tour uniquely yours.

    Bespoke Golf Itinerary Creation

    With this critical information, our travel advisor crafts a bespoke golf itinerary tailored to your specifications. This draft itinerary, complete with beautiful images and descriptive content, will then be sent to you for review. This is the first glimpse into what promises to be a memorable adventure on some of the most revered greens in the world.

    Working With You To Get A Final Itinerary

    Collaboration is key, and you will work closely with your travel planner to refine and perfect your itinerary. It’s a dynamic process, ensuring that each element of the tour aligns with your vision and exceeds your expectations. Upon achieving the desired itinerary, you will secure your experience with a deposit and be introduced to your personal travel coordinator.

    All Aspects Of The Golf Tour Will Be Booked

    This specialist will promptly secure all tee times, hotel accommodations, excursions, and dinner reservations, ensuring that from the moment you land in Ireland, every aspect of your tour is confirmed and awaiting your arrival.

    A Welcomed Arrival To Ireland

    The moment you set foot in Ireland, an expert driver-guide will welcome you, presenting you with a stunning hard copy of your itinerary. Then, with the open Irish road ahead and the promise of lush fairways and challenging links, your bespoke Irish golf tour will commence—a beautifully orchestrated symphony of sport, leisure, and the fine touch of luxury that is our hallmark.

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    What is the best time to play golf in Ireland?

    The ideal time to play golf in Ireland is from April to October when you can enjoy longer days and milder weather, providing the perfect conditions for a round on the links. These months offer a blend of spring growth and autumnal color, alongside the best of Irish weather, which can often be unpredictable but is part of the true Irish golfing experience.

    How Much Does An Irish Golf Tour Cost?

    An Irish Golf Tour with us starts from £5000 per person, encapsulating a premium golfing experience. This includes access to some of Ireland’s most exclusive and challenging courses, luxury transportation, sumptuous accommodations, and a dedicated tour coordinator to ensure your experience is as flawless as the greens you’ll play on.

    How Many Links Courses Are There In Ireland?

    Ireland is renowned for its abundance of links courses, with over 50 true links out of the 300-plus golf courses throughout the country. These courses are celebrated for their rugged beauty and their placement along the stunning Irish coastline, offering golfers a pure and traditional links experience.

    Where Should You Fly Into?

    Our clients generally find Dublin Airport to be the most convenient entry point for their golf tour, offering a wide range of international flights and easy access to many of the country’s top courses. However, for those looking to explore the northern or western regions, Belfast and Shannon airports are excellent alternatives that may better suit your itinerary.

    What Major Golf Competitions Have Been Played In Ireland?

    Ireland has a storied history with golf and has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments. The Open Championship returned to Royal Portrush in 2019, and the country has been a regular host for the Irish Open and the Ryder Cup in 2006 at The K Club. These events have showcased Ireland’s world-class courses and cemented its reputation as a premier golfing destination.

    What Are The Best Golf Courses In Ireland?

    There are lots of great golf courses in Ireland but here are some of our favourites, Royal Portrush Golf Club, Portstewart Golf Club, Lahinch Golf Club, Ballyliffin Golf Club, St Patrick’s Links, Waterville Golf Links

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