Welcome to Private Tours Ireland
Welcome to Private Tours Ireland

Luxury Irish Honeymoons & Romantic Vacations

Ireland, a tapestry of lush landscapes and heartfelt welcomes, sets a romantic stage not only for honeymoons but also for unforgettable romantic vacations and anniversaries. Private Tours Ireland specialises in creating these moments, offering bespoke tours that combine luxury with the intimate charm of the Emerald Isle. They craft experiences that celebrate love, whether it's a first year together or a golden anniversary.
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    Romantic Vacations Of Ireland

    The team at Private Tours Ireland tailors each journey with precision and care, ensuring that every romantic escape is unique. From the moment you step into their luxury transport to the final evening’s sunset, every detail is designed to deepen your connection and enhance your celebration of love. Irish hospitality really is the best.

    With Private Tours Ireland, couples are invited to:

    Uncover the romantic heart of the Emerald Isle, from its captivating hospitality to the dramatic beauty of its natural landscapes, perfect for igniting passion and renewing vows.

    Test your bond with challenges on world-famous golf courses, where the stunning views compete with the game for your attention.

    Wander hand in hand through storybook villages, uncovering history in ancient streets and forging new memories over pints in cozy pubs.

    Whether commemorating a new union or a lifetime of love, the journey with Private Tours Ireland is a tapestry of shared experiences that strengthens bonds and enlivens hearts. Every romantic sojourn is an opportunity to weave new stories into the rich fabric of your relationship, set against the captivating backdrop of Ireland’s timeless beauty.

    Why Choose Private Tours Ireland For Your Romantic Vacation?

    Choosing Private Tours Ireland for your romantic vacation, romantic Irish honeymoon or anniversary is about creating a narrative that’s as deep and engaging as your own love story. It’s about indulging in experiences crafted with the utmost attention to luxury and personal touch. Here’s why discerning travellers choose Private Tours Ireland for celebrations that are both seamless and deeply personal:

    5 Star Reviews

    Their reputation for excellence is captured in the glowing 5-star reviews from couples who've had their romantic expectations surpassed. This consistent, impeccable service ensures that your special getaway leaves an indelible mark on your hearts.

    Local Experts

    The team's deep roots in Ireland and Scotland, fuelled by genuine passion, transform each recommendation into a cherished memory. They share the hidden gems they've discovered and cherished personally, ensuring your romantic honeymoon or anniversary is authentic and heartfelt.

    Dedicated Travel Co-ordinator

    A personal travel virtuoso will be dedicated to your journey, orchestrating every detail from luxurious accommodations to intimate dining experiences and private tours. They stand ready to ensure your romantic journey is flawless, allowing you to focus on each other.

    Bespoke Itinerary Planning

    Every couple is unique, and your romantic getaway should be a reflection of that. Tailored itineraries are meticulously crafted to celebrate your shared interests and the milestones of your relationship, making every moment in Ireland uniquely yours.

    Unbreakable Supplier Relationships

    Exclusive partnerships with premier local suppliers mean that you'll have access to the most romantic and sought-after accommodations and experiences Ireland has to offer, from private castle stays to sunset cruises on secluded lakes. Whether you're toasting to a new beginning or celebrating years of shared love, Private Tours Ireland promises a journey filled with enchantment, luxury, and moments that will be treasured for years to come.

    Our Travel Planning & Booking Process

    A romantic getaway with Private Tours Ireland transcends the ordinary, offering a bespoke journey into Ireland’s heart, perfect for honeymoons, anniversaries, and any celebration of love.

    Your Romantic Journey Begins

    An inquiry to Private Tours Ireland sets in motion a tailored adventure. A dedicated team member tunes into your vision, gathering crucial details like dates, specific interests, and the little things that make your celebration personal.

    Crafting Your Unique Itinerary

    A travel advisor, versed in romance and luxury, weaves together a custom itinerary that encapsulates your love story. This visual and descriptive draft is the first glimpse into a trip designed around your shared dreams.

    Fine-Tuning the Details

    In close collaboration, you refine your itinerary with your planner, ensuring that each day is aligned with your vision, be it a honeymoon or a romantic getaway.

    Sealing the Plan

    With the itinerary perfected, a deposit cements your commitment. A personal travel coordinator steps in to book each romantic detail, from intimate hotel stays to enchanting excursions.

    Beginning Your Love-Filled Adventure

    Upon arrival in Ireland, your journey truly begins. An expert driver guide welcomes you, offering not just transport but a tapestry of stories and insights. With a custom itinerary in hand, you’ll delve into an enchanting exploration of Ireland’s verdant valleys, historic towns, and the intimate corners that make for lifelong memories.
    With Private Tours Ireland, the planning of your romantic escape becomes as pleasurable as the journey itself, culminating in a seamless and profound experience that celebrates your union and affection.

    Our Favourite Romantic Hotels In Ireland


    Nestled at the foot of the Slieve Bloom Mountains, Ballyfin is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. Its neoclassical grandeur, stretching over 600 acres of ancient woods, serene lakes, and gardens meticulously restored to their 18th-century splendor, offers a private, romantic world where time stands still. Couples can indulge in the elegance of the mansion, where sumptuous state rooms and a remarkable art collection await, or find solitude in the walled gardens. With activities like horseback riding, boating, and fine dining on-site, Ballyfin is a romantic escape where love and luxury intertwine.

    Hayfield Manor

    Amidst the urban rhythm of Cork city lies Hayfield Manor, an unexpected sanctuary of peace. Its Edwardian facade belies the modern comforts within, where each suite provides a quiet, intimate setting for romance. The manor’s secluded gardens bloom with tranquility, while the intimate spa and gourmet restaurants offer indulgent experiences. This boutique hotel is a stone’s throw from Cork’s cultural highlights yet feels a world apart, making it ideal for couples who seek to blend city exploration with romantic seclusion.

    Adare Manor

    Adare Manor, a neo-Gothic masterpiece, is a testament to love’s grandeur. The sprawling estate, complete with a river and golf course, exudes a fairy-tale charm that captures the heart. Its lavish rooms are sanctuaries of comfort, offering views of the manicured gardens or the River Maigue. Adare’s legendary hospitality, the Michelin-starred dining, and the array of activities from falconry to spa treatments, create a magical setting for romance amidst the heritage of Limerick.

    Ashford Castle

    The historic Ashford Castle, with its towers and battlements rising above the shores of Lough Corrib, is a gateway to a bygone era. Here, couples can immerse themselves in a royal experience, with rooms decorated in period style, opulent dining halls, and sprawling estate grounds perfect for a romantic stroll. Whether it’s a boat trip on the lake, horse riding through the forest, or a relaxing spa day, Ashford Castle offers a myriad of ways to forge unforgettable moments together in the heart of Connemara.

    Ice House Hotel

    On the banks of the River Moy, the Ice House Hotel melds history with modern design. Its rooms and suites, many with floor-to-ceiling windows, offer panoramic views that invite the outside in. The hotel’s award-winning spa, innovative cuisine, and the proximity to the wild Atlantic make it an ideal retreat for couples seeking a blend of romance, relaxation, and adventure in the West of Ireland.

    Lough Eske Castle

    Enclosed by the untamed beauty of Donegal, Lough Eske Castle is a secluded hideaway that promises romance at every turn. From the grandeur of its restored castle rooms to the intimate woodland walks and the spa’s tranquil waters, this hotel is steeped in a history that’s as compelling as the love stories it hosts. Couples can explore the castle’s hidden nooks, dine under chandeliers, or simply enjoy the solitude that this lakeside retreat provides.

    The Cliff House Hotel

    Perched on the cliffs of Ardmore, The Cliff House Hotel offers a dramatic setting for a love as deep as the sea below. Each room and suite is designed to bring the beauty of the Waterford coastline inside, with private terraces to soak in the views. The Michelin-starred restaurant, well-being spa, and the intimate ambiance of the hotel encourage a connection as enduring as the rock it stands upon.

    Dromoland Castle

    Dromoland Castle is not just a hotel; it’s a piece of Ireland’s storied past, reimagined for those who seek romance wrapped in luxury. Its spacious rooms, fine dining experiences, and estate activities from archery to afternoon tea are set against a backdrop of lush landscapes and lake views. The castle’s dignified beauty, coupled with the warmth of Irish hospitality, creates a setting where every moment is a celebration of love and every memory is etched in luxury.

    Romantic Restaurants – Our Picks

    House Restaurant, The Cliff House Hotel

    Perched on the cliffs of Ardmore, The Cliff House Hotel offers a dramatic setting for a love as deep as the sea below. Each room and suite is designed to bring the beauty of the Waterford coastline inside, with private terraces to soak in the views. The Michelin-starred restaurant, well-being spa, and the intimate ambiance of the hotel encourage a connection as enduring as the rock it stands upon.

    Wilde Restaurant

    Stepping into Wilde is like a glamorous leap back to the 1930s, where the opulence of the art deco era is palpable in every detail. Situated in the heart of Dublin, this restaurant offers not just a meal, but an experience. The meticulously designed space, with its lush furnishings and ornate details, is complemented by a menu that pays homage to the sophistication of the time. The terrace, a hidden gem, provides an al fresco dining experience amidst the bustle of the city, creating an intimate space for lovers to dine under the stars.

    The Blind Pig

    Hidden away, The Blind Pig tantalises with the allure of prohibition-era mystique. Its speakeasy character is more than just thematic; it’s an immersive experience where the journey to your table is as exciting as the cuisine. Once inside, the intimate atmosphere invites whispered conversations and shared secrets over craft cocktails and inventive dishes. This restaurant doesn’t just offer privacy; it offers a secret haven in the heart of Dublin, where romance can flourish away from prying eyes.

    The Dungeon Ashford Castle

    The Dungeon at Ashford Castle provides a dining encounter that transports couples to an age of chivalry and romance. The stone walls and historic ambiance serve as the backdrop for a culinary adventure that blends traditional Irish flavors with modern twists. Dining in The Dungeon isn’t merely eating; it’s an event, one that’s enriched by the castle’s storied past and the majesty of its surroundings.

    Pullman Restaurant, Glenlo Abbey

    Set aboard the Pullman carriages, Pullman Restaurant at the Glenlo Abbey Hotel is a dining experience that recreates the golden age of train travel. The meticulously restored carriages, once part of the Orient Express, offer a setting that’s both intimate and evocative. As diners enjoy gourmet cuisine, they’re enveloped in an ambiance of romance that’s as timeless as the vintage carriages themselves.

    Owenmore Restaurant

    In the serene landscape of Connemara, the Owenmore Restaurant is a serene escape where fine dining meets riverside tranquility. The panoramic windows frame the idyllic views, creating a dining space that’s harmonious with nature. The locally sourced ingredients are transformed into culinary masterpieces that are as pleasing to the palate as the views are to the eye, making every meal a sensory delight.


    Campagne in Kilkenny exudes a contemporary elegance, where the warmth of the welcome matches the culinary excellence on offer. The restaurant’s sleek design sets the stage for a menu of French-inspired cuisine that’s artfully presented and thoughtfully prepared. Couples can expect a dining experience that’s both refined and intimate, where each course is a celebration of love and gastronomy.

    The Mill Restaurant, Cliffs At Lyons

    The Mill Restaurant, Garden & Terrace at The Cliffs At Lyons Hotel, with its stone-clad buildings and verdant surroundings, is a restaurant that encapsulates the charm of the Irish countryside. The historical setting tells a tale of the past, while the menu offers modern interpretations of classic Irish dishes. It’s a place where couples can dine in a cozy, rustic setting that feels like a step back in time to a more romantic era.

    Glovers Alley

    Overlooking the lush expanse of St Stephen’s Green, Glovers Alley by Andy McFadden is Dublin’s culinary gem. The restaurant’s chic interior, with its soft lighting and elegant décor, sets the tone for an evening of sophistication. The menu, a canvas of Irish ingredients with international influences, promises a dining experience that’s as memorable as it is romantic, with dishes that are as beautiful to behold as they are to taste.

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    Why is Ireland So Romantic?

    Ireland’s romance is etched in its misty landscapes, ancient ruins, and cozy fireside pubs. The country’s natural beauty, from the rugged cliffs of Moher to the serene Killarney National Park, sets a stunning stage for love to blossom. Coupled with the heartfelt warmth of Irish hospitality, it’s a place where every moment feels like it’s part of a timeless love story. Contact us today to plan your luxury Ireland honeymoon.

    Do You Book Flights?

    While we don’t directly book flights, we are more than happy to recommend the best flight options for your itinerary. We ensure our suggestions complement your tour dates and locations, making your journey to Ireland seamless and stress-free.

    Where Should I Visit In Ireland?

    Ireland is a treasure trove of honeymoon delights. Dublin’s vibrant streets, Cork’s culinary scene, Killarney’s natural beauty, the historic Ring of Kerry, and the mythical Aran Islands are just the beginning. Each location, from the urban charm of Belfast to the Wild Atlantic Way, offers a unique blend of romance and adventure. Or stay at the following romantic hotels, Ballynahinch Castle, Castlemartyr Resort or Cashel Palace Hotel. From the famous Guinness Storehouse to the stunning Ardmore Bay there is something for everyone.

    What Romantic Activities Can You Do In Ireland?

    Ireland is full of romantic activities: take a horse and carriage ride through cobbled streets, stay in a grand castle, savor a pint by a cozy pub fire, or walk hand-in-hand in beauty spots like the Cliffs of Moher. Quaint villages like Adare add a touch of historical charm to your love-filled adventure.

    When is The Best Time To Visit Ireland?

    The best time to visit Ireland is between April and October when the country is in full bloom and the weather is mild, making it perfect for those romantic walks in the countryside or along the dramatic coastlines.

    What Should I Pack?

    For an Irish adventure, pack waterproofs and sensible hiking boots for exploring the emerald landscapes. A rucksack is also essential for day trips and picnics in the scenic countryside.

    Do I get the same chauffeur driver for the whole trip?

    Yes, you enjoy the consistency of the same knowledgeable chauffeur throughout your trip. While not official tour guides, our chauffeurs have an extensive understanding of Ireland’s rich history and landscapes, enhancing your experience.

    How Much Does A Romantic Irish Vacation Cost?

    A luxury romantic honeymoon starts from £5000 per person and varies based on factors such as the number of nights, choice of hotels and rooms, and the season of your visit. Each honeymoon is tailored to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

    Can I Choose My Dates?

    Absolutely, we build your tour around the dates that suit you best, ensuring a personalized and flexible ireland honeymoon experience.

    Can We Visit Scotland and Ireland On The Same Trip?

    Yes, you can combine the wild beauty of Scotland with the enchanting allure of Ireland in one trip. Our sister brand, Private Tours Scotland, specializes in luxury honeymoons and romantic getaways offering the same high-quality, romantic experience in Scotland’s stunning landscapes.

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