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Iconic 7 Day Ireland Tour

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Arrival & Departure Location: Dublin International Airport


  • Merrion Hotel, Dublin (2 Nights)
  • Glenlo Abbey, Galway (2 Nights)
  • Ashford Castle, Cong (1 Night)
  • Cliff at Lyons Hotel, Co. Kildare (1 Night)

Points of Interest

  • Arrive in Dublin
  • Half Day Guided Walking Tour of Dublin, you will visit The Trinity College, See the Book of Kells, Visit Temple Bar Area, Visit Dublin Castle, Visit Guinness Storehouse - Connoisseur Experience
  • Visit Athlone, Visit Sean's Bar in Athlone, Visit Galway City, Private Walking Tour of Galway
  • Drive through the Burren National Park, Visit Caherconnell Stone Fort & Private Sheepdog Demonstration, Cliffs of Moher Experience
  • Drive the Sky Road, Clifden, Scenic drive though Connemara National Park, Visit Kylemore Abbey, Visit Cong Village and Pat Cohen’s Bar
  • Visit Birr Castle & Gardens, Visit Tullamore Distillery and enjoy the Ultimate Distillery Experience


  • Personalised itinerary
  • Executive vehicle (Mercedes V-Class or similar) & knowledgable chauffeur driver for route according to itinerary
  • Services of private local guides in activities according to itinerary
  • Admissions to all sites according to itinerary
  • Accommodation according to itinerary
  • Breakfast at all Hotels Included
  • Co-ordination and support / Dedicated Travel Co-ordinator

Day 1 Arrive in Dublin

Accommodation – Merrion Hotel, Dublin (2 Nights) 
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

Arrival and Indulgence in Dublin

Welcoming Dublin
Upon landing at Dublin Airport, the crisp Irish air and the promise of adventure greet you. Your private driver, offering the first taste of Ireland’s famed hospitality, will be waiting to whisk you away to your luxurious accommodation. The city of Dublin, a tapestry of history and modern vibrancy, unfolds before you as you make your way through its bustling streets.

The Merrion Hotel
Your sanctuary in the city, The Merrion Hotel, stands as a quintessence of Georgian elegance. With its artfully restored interiors and lush gardens, it offers a tranquil retreat amidst the urban landscape. Each room is a harmonious blend of classic charm and contemporary amenities, ensuring your stay is nothing short of opulent. The hotel’s heritage, reflected in its architecture and art collection, invites you to immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Ireland.

Dining at The Garden Room
The evening’s highlight is a culinary journey at The Garden Room, the hotel’s esteemed restaurant. With a menu inspired by the seasons, each dish is a celebration of Ireland’s bountiful produce. The atmosphere is serene, with views of the hotel’s period gardens, which at dusk, are gently illuminated to provide a magical backdrop. The dining experience is both an intimate affair and a convivial gathering, reflective of Dublin’s dual nature as a historical haven and a social hub.

Day 2Half Day Guided Walking Tour of Dublin, you will visit The Trinity College, See the Book of Kells, Visit Temple Bar Area, Visit Dublin Castle, Visit Guinness Storehouse - Connoisseur Experience

Accommodation – Merrion Hotel, Dublin
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

Exploring the Heart of Dublin

Historical Dublin Walking Tour
After a gourmet breakfast at The Merrion, your walking guide will introduce you to the vibrant spirit of Dublin. The city center is a mosaic of history where every cobblestone has a story. Trinity College, with its scholarly prestige, is home to the Book of Kells, a masterpiece of medieval artistry. Dublin Castle stands as a monumental piece of the city’s complex political history, while the Temple Bar region offers a lively contrast with its cultural and nightlife scene.

Guinness Storehouse Experience
No visit to Dublin is complete without a pilgrimage to the Guinness Storehouse. This temple to Ireland’s most famous export offers an immersive experience, from learning about the brewing process to the art of pouring the perfect pint. The highlight is undoubtedly the Gravity Bar, where you can savor a stout while enjoying panoramic views of the city skyline.

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud
Back at The Merrion, prepare for an evening at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, a culinary institution boasting two Michelin stars. The restaurant, with its exquisite décor and impeccable service, promises an epicurean delight. Each course is a work of art, marrying bold flavors with delicate presentation, accompanied by a wine list that is both extensive and exceptional.

Day 3Visit Athlone, Visit Sean's Bar in Athlone, Visit Galway City, Private Walking Tour of Galway

Accommodation – Glenlo Abbey, Galway (2 Nights)
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

Journey to the West

The Charm of Athlone
The morning sun finds you heading west with your private driver towards Athlone, a traditional Irish town that exudes charm. Athlone, situated on the River Shannon, is steeped in history and folklore, offering a picturesque gateway to Ireland’s midlands. Its vibrant streets are lined with local shops, offering a glimpse into the heart of Irish community life.

Sean’s Bar
In Athlone, Sean’s Bar awaits. With the claim as the oldest pub in Ireland, and possibly the world, its walls are saturated with tales from centuries past. This pub has been the social heart of Athlone since 900 AD, offering a pint and a story to all who wander through its timeworn doors. The low ceilings, traditional music, and the warmth of a turf fire create an atmosphere that is as much a journey through time as it is a leisurely drink.

Galway’s Vibrant Streets
Post-Athlone, your journey continues to Galway, a city renowned for its vibrant cultural scene and bohemian flair. Accompanied by your private walking guide, you’ll explore the colorful streets of the Latin Quarter, filled with street performers, eclectic shops, and the infectious energy of Galway’s artistic spirit. Quay Street pulses with life, the harbour tells of Galway’s maritime heritage, and the Galway Cathedral rises majestically, a mix of modern and medieval architectural styles.

Glenlo Abbey Hotel Retreat
Your day’s exploration concludes as you arrive at the Glenlo Abbey Hotel. This 5-star estate, just outside Galway city, is an epitome of luxury, tranquility, and historical grandeur. Originally a 18th-century manor house, the hotel is surrounded by a scenic estate with views of Lough Corrib. The rooms are lavishly furnished, providing modern comforts while preserving the charm of their historic origins.

Pullman Restaurant Elegance
Dinner will be served aboard the Pullman Restaurant, set within two original Orient Express train carriages. The carriages, resplendent with their rich history and opulent décor, have been masterfully restored to capture the golden age of train travel. Dining here is not just a meal; it’s an culinary experience.

Day 4Drive through the Burren National Park, Visit Caherconnell Stone Fort & Private Sheepdog Demonstration, Cliffs of Moher Experience

Accommodation – Glenlo Abbey, Galway
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

Exploring the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher

Burren National Park: Ireland’s Unique Landscape
Your day begins with a hearty breakfast, and then you embark on a picturesque drive through the Burren National Park. This stunning landscape is a geological marvel, with limestone pavements that appear otherworldly. The Burren is dotted with rare flora, making it a botanist’s dream. As you traverse this ancient terrain, you’ll be immersed in its mystical beauty, where nature’s artistry is on full display.

Sheep Dog Demonstration at Caherconnell Stone Fort
Your next stop is the Caherconnell Stone Fort, where you’ll witness a captivating sheepdog demonstration. This historic fort, with its dry-stone walls, provides the perfect backdrop for a display of the incredible bond between shepherd and dog. Marvel at the skill of the dogs as they round up sheep, a testament to the farming heritage of the region.

Cliffs of Moher: Nature’s Grandeur
Your adventure continues with a visit to the world-renowned Cliffs of Moher. These towering cliffs rise dramatically from the Atlantic Ocean, forming an awe-inspiring natural wonder. As you stand on the edge of the cliffs, you’ll feel the raw power of the sea below and the wind in your hair. The panoramic views stretch for miles, offering glimpses of distant islands and seabirds soaring overhead. It’s a moment to connect with nature at its most majestic.

Dining at Palmer’s Bar
After a day filled with exploration and wonder, you’ll return to the luxurious Glenlo Abbey Hotel. The evening invites you to dine at Palmer’s Bar, a delightful setting within the hotel. With its warm ambiance and an extensive selection of beverages, it’s the perfect place to unwind and savor a culinary experience that reflects the essence of Irish hospitality.

Day 5Drive the Sky Road, Clifden, Scenic drive though Connemara National Park, Visit Kylemore Abbey, Visit Cong Village and Pat Cohen’s Bar

Accommodation – Ashford Castle, Cong (1 Night)
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

Discovering Clifden and the Connemara Beauty

Clifden: Quaint Charms and Craft Shops
In the morning, your driver takes you along the scenic Skye Road to the picturesque town of Clifden. This charming town, nestled by the sea, is a haven of traditional Irish culture. Explore the craft shops, where artisans create exquisite pieces that reflect the beauty of Connemara. Enjoy a leisurely pint in a local pub, soaking in the friendly atmosphere, and take a stroll to stretch your legs.

Connemara National Park: A Scenic Wonder
Your journey continues through the breathtaking Connemara National Park. This rugged and remote landscape is characterized by mountains, bogs, and heathlands. The sheer beauty of Connemara is unmatched, with its ever-changing hues and textures. As you traverse this region, you’ll be captivated by the unspoiled wilderness that defines Connemara.

Kylemore Abbey: History Amidst Nature
Your next stop is the iconic Kylemore Abbey, nestled beside a tranquil lake. This enchanting abbey has a storied history, originally built as a castle in the 19th century. It later became a Benedictine Abbey, adding a spiritual dimension to its already captivating presence. Explore the Victorian walled gardens and the serene Kylemore Lake, all set against the backdrop of the Connemara mountains.

Pat Cohan’s Bar: A Taste of Tradition
As your day of exploration continues, you’ll meander through Cong Village, famous for its connection to the classic film “The Quiet Man.” Here, you’ll stop at the renowned Pat Cohan’s Bar, a place steeped in history and Irish charm. It’s a chance to experience the conviviality of a traditional Irish pub, where stories and laughter flow as freely as the drinks.

Ashford Castle Hotel: A Castle Retreat
Your day concludes with your driver escorting you to the splendid Ashford Castle Hotel. This 5-star luxury castle hotel is a destination in itself. Set amidst lush woodlands on the shores of Lough Corrib, it exudes regal grandeur. Your stay here is an immersion in timeless elegance, with opulent rooms, exquisite dining, and a range of activities to choose from.

Dining at George V Restaurant
In the evening, you’ll indulge in a fine dining experience at the George V Restaurant within Ashford Castle. Named after a royal visit by King George V in 1906, the restaurant offers a culinary journey fit for royalty. Impeccable service, gourmet delights, and an ambiance that transports you to a bygone era make this a dining experience to remember.

Day 6Visit Birr Castle & Gardens, Visit Tullamore Distillery and enjoy the Ultimate Distillery Experience

Accommodation – Cliffs at Lyon, Co.Kildare (1 Night)
Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur

Birr Castle, Tullamore Distillery, and Cliff at Lyons

Birr Castle & Gardens: A Historic Gem
Your first destination of the day is Birr Castle & Gardens, a place where history and horticulture converge. Explore the meticulously manicured gardens, home to rare plant species and the iconic Great Telescope, once the largest in the world. The castle itself has a rich history, reflecting the legacy of the Parsons family.

Tullamore Distillery: Spirits and Stories
Next, you’ll visit Tullamore Distillery, where you’ll delve into the art of whiskey-making. Enjoy a distillery tour that immerses you in the distilling process and the history of this renowned brand. The tour concludes with a tasting, allowing you to savor the distinct flavors of Irish whiskey.

Cliff at Lyons Hotel: A Tranquil Retreat
Continuing your journey eastward, your driver will drop you off at the luxurious Cliff at Lyons Hotel. This elegant retreat offers a serene escape surrounded by nature. The picturesque setting, including the charming mill and tranquil river, creates a sense of timeless tranquility.

Dining at The Mill Restaurant
In the evening, you’ll savor a dining experience at The Mill Restaurant within Cliff at Lyons. The restaurant’s ambiance is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and culinary sophistication. Enjoy a culinary journey that showcases the finest locally sourced ingredients, expertly prepared to tantalize your taste buds.

These three days of your Irish adventure have been a tapestry of landscapes, history, and culture. From the unique beauty of the Burren to the regal elegance of Ashford Castle, each destination has offered its own distinct charm. As your journey continues, you’ll discover more of Ireland’s treasures and create memories to last a lifetime.

Day 7Departure

Transport – Executive Vehicle & Private Chauffeur.

Farewell to Ireland

Departure from Dublin Airport. On the seventh day, it’s time to bid farewell to the enchanting land of Ireland. Your driver, who has been your trusted guide and friend throughout your journey, will be waiting to escort you to Dublin Airport.
As you embark on the journey to the airport, take a moment to reflect on the incredible experiences, landscapes, and memories that have filled your Irish adventure. Ireland’s rich history, warm hospitality, and breathtaking beauty have left an indelible mark on your heart.